quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2007

A known voice in the barbershop

Barbershops are places in which many people make friendship. People are used to going there and talk about many subjects, like politics, society problems, relationships and gossip, why not? These are fine places to know the news and to meet some friends.

Some day ago I went to the nearest barbershop of my house. As I am a little bold, I cut my hair by myself. So, when I go there I just have a shave. I prefer to go to the barbershop on Saturday mornings, because I think that people prefer to get up later, so I do not have to wait long time.

I arrived there at 09:00 a.m., there were two men to have a hair cut before me. While I waited I read a magazine and heard people talking about many things. The barber called me, I gave back the magazine and sat at the barber chair. While I was being shaved a friend’s husband arrived at the shop, sat on the sofa and started to read his newspaper.

As soon as the man started his reading a great friend of his arrived too. The man desisted his reading and started to talk about soccer and job with his friend. I was talking to the barber too, but was impossible not to hear their voices. They were talking very loudly, however I perceived that sometimes they talked softly. It made me be curious; consequently I paid more attention to them. My friend’s husband did not see me, so he was not worried about his words.

The man talked to his friend that he gets more money than his wife knows and that is very profitable to put money in the board of trade, like he does. I got disappointed because I thought my friend and him were a happy couple, without lie or treason. I felt sorry for my friend, because I do not believe that lovers can be happy without confidence. Immediately I looked for a way to help my friend and her relationship.

I had a great plan. I sent an anonymous letter to my friend in which were written these words: "Dear Nancy, I am so glad to be the person who will give you good news. Your husband has been planning a big surprise to you. He has been investing his money in the board of trade and it has been so profitable to him. He has been thinking of buying a new house, maybe a new car too. It will be a very special gift that he will give to his family. I am so sorry if I told you that before your loved husband, but I thought he did not have words…"

When Nancy read my letter she called me and told what was written, by the way, I am a great friend of hers. She was so happy, because her dreams could happen. Fortunately, her husband has never imagined who has sent the letter to Nancy. Nowadays, when he goes to the barbershop, he remains silent. If someone tries to say something to him, he says: “Speak softly, because the barber is a big gossipmonger."

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