sábado, 17 de maio de 2008

(Dis)Organized People

“I didn’t remember where my keys are.” “Oh, I’m so sorry. I forget the meeting scheduled with you.” “Please, help me. I can’t solve it on time.”

Probably you constantly hear these phrases above. They are common in disorganized people’s mouth. I know nobody is disorganized purposely, but it is impossible to be organized without determination, persistence and intention. If you identified yourself with these phrases, I invite you to pay more attention to your appointments because I need some companionship. Being organized and not miss your engagements is to be trustful and consequently happier.

I admire people who have all appointments written in the agenda and do everything in time. These people are always early. They sometimes remember phone numbers, addresses and birthday dates by heart. Oh my goodness! I must be like that, but it is a little difficult. Why these qualities are not sold in supermarkets?

I have tried to have an agenda. I wrote things and forgot to open the agenda to read what was scheduled. Then I have tried to remember by heart and I failed once more. Nowadays I write my appointments in a piece of paper and fasten it on my keys. It sounds funny, but it is the way that I have found to not forget agreements and tasks.

There is no a special way to be organized, each one must find their suitable way. Maybe we are not the latest neither the most forgetful, but in spite of it, we can improve our way of life and change little things to organize the time.