segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2007

Something sad that happened to me

It would better there is no bad things in our lives, but, unfortunately, there are some things that make us feel sad. Maybe, these things are useful to teach us what to do in the future, what we can improve and to valorize our lives. I remembered when my stepfather died. It has been one year and three months. After that, I have been seeing life as the most important thing in the world. It is so brief, because of this we should enjoy it as well as we can, taking care of our health and enjoying people who we love.

That was a very common day. My mother and I had planned go home together so, after my job, I went to my mother’s job and then we had a little snack. At 6 p.m., we went home and we could not suppose what would happen at home. We arrived at 07:30 p.m. My stepfather, who was the youngest my father’s brother, was watching TV and he was so glad when he saw me, because there were four weeks since I went there. We complimented each other and started to talk about our family, politics and goals, our favorite subjects.

Suddenly, my uncle João said that he was hot. My mother told him to have a shower with cold water, because the weather was especially hot. While he had a shower, my mother went to the kitchen to prepare our dinner. Usually families stay long time in the kitchen, so I went there too. Uncle João got out from the bathroom, went back to living room and sit on the floor. He loved to watch TV like that. About forty minutes later, my mother and I also went to living room to watch TV; we had thought he was so much silent. When we arrived, he looked at us and tried to get up, but he did not. Therefore, he fell on the floor, closed his eyes to life and opened it to eternal life.

To our surprise, God had decided call him in that circumstances. A sadden heart attack has taken away him from us when he was 53 years old. Exactly seven years before that, we lost my father. He was 43 and had died by similar cardiac problems. Once more, we have tried that sad experience. First, we did not know what to do, but then we remembered that God had helped us before so we feel a little peace.

We understood that relatives and friends are not ours, but of God. He lends them to us to enjoy the life, but when He thinks it is better, He calls them to His arms. Perhaps, it has been the saddest days of my life. Now I know I could overcome these very difficult problems. Now they are only good memories. I think I have done all that I should. I have enjoyed their companionship as I could. I have loved them as a son and as a friend.

Our lives are so brief; we must not lose any time. Each time is very important to do things that improve us and our friends’ lives. Each person was born with a mission and nobody knows when the mission will stop. Oh Lord, help us to be more careful with our mission and with people who You have given to us, without negligence. At the day that only You know, remove the fear from us, pick up our hands, give us welcome and smile!

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God be with you and your family man!