segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2008

A Great Discovery

Human beings have been discovering and creating many things down the ages. First of all it is good to think about the difference between a discovery and an invention. The first one is a thing with previous existence without human interference and the second one is a human knowledge creation. Understanding that it is possible to change the world in which we live was the most important discovery. From that important day on we try doing things to get our lives better.

It is not easy to specify the greatest concrete discovery in the world, because there are many kinds of necessities as healthy, social or safety ones. A very sick person can think the most important thing in the world are the drugs, but a mother who needs to prepare her baby food can think the most important invention is the stove. On the other hand, before the invention of drugs it was necessary to discover the body structure and to understand how it works. So, to invent the stove it was necessary to discover the fire long, long time ago…

Penicillin, informatics, petroleum, electricity and nuclear energy are very important nowadays. We can say their use is essential to modern life, because their combination is extremely useful in many segments. Everyday experts try using their knowledge and the elements above to help us in the most different ways, developing machines, drugs and facilities that use high technology.

Mankind has discovered since the beginning differences from other animals. We can change our lives and transform things. Humans are naturally unsatisfied and it is the secret of evolution. If we were very satisfied with our lifestyle we could not have reasons to progress and develop ways to make them easier. By all means, a little bit of unsatisfaction is profitable to growth.

We will never get a completely satisfaction and our troubles will just change, but never finish. Diseases that have killed thousands and thousands of people today are common and they are not so dangerous, because we have efficient drugs. Unfortunately, new and unknown sicknesses have been increasing and it has been taking our tranquility out. In the course of the years it is a rule: We solve a problem and then another appears. Although it is good to know that some day the solution will be found.

In the beginning God has divided a part of His knowledge with His creatures. We all should believe that we can create and discover almost everything; it depends of time and of studying. However, we do what is possible and God does the impossible, we hope so, because there are some situations far from our capacity. Studying, testing and believing are three things that no one can forget. These are the tripod to great discoveries and inventions.

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