segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2008


Everybody knows today it’s not easy finding a loyal person. When I claim this I know I am one of those that sometimes forgets loyalty and does what is more convenient to oneself. Nowadays loyalty is almost old-fashioned. Friends, relatives, couples and many other people have not been loyal and say “Nobody is faithful too!”

I really don’t know when these terrible feeling that is a kind of vengeance started. Why do human beings stop doing good things because of comparison? If somebody is unfaithful others cannot be guilty, it’s a personal option. We must be responsible of our choices, because in all situations we have two ways, the good and the bad one.

Our generation hasn’t cultivated good social values. Collectivity hasn’t been as important as it should. Our compromise is with our own business, there is no time to think about other people’s opinion. It is not good because in few time all society is prejudiced. The solution to the problems is more important than the guiltiness.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Each person must understand he or she is important to collectivity and their attitude can cause a domino effect. To change the world we should start inside ourselves. Then we will change our family and then our neighborhood and so on. The world and our minds change step by step, that is it.

The compromise with the truth is probably one of the secrets of happiness. We all must be faithful and show it to get the trust of others. People who live together with us have to see the difference and perhaps reproduce it. If we don’t know a person to give us the example, we must be this person who gives the example to others.

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